About us

"Bringing new dimension to Hemp industry"

Big-Natures is a Canadian based, company focused on the identification and investment in the Hemp industry with the purpose of growing companies to create a fully vertically integrated entity controlling the supply chain. Co-founded and managed by young entrepreneurs well connected in the European business sector, we aim to revolutionize the cannabis market.

Big-Natures has developed relationships with companies around Europe to create a sustainable Hemp market and to bring quality to the end customers. We are focusing on research and development of cosmetics, food and beverage and functional products to bring a new dimension on Hemp consumption thereby enhancing the values and benefits of CBD.

Umberto Degiuli

CEO- Founder

“We respect the immensity of the gifts given by Mother Nature. We work to be the best intermediary between it and the consumers”

2300 Alfred-Nobel, Montreal, Quebec, H4S 2A4

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