• Big-Pot

Big-Pot Announces Corporate Name Change to Big Natures to Reflect Broader Healthcare Commitment.

Big-Pot is a Canadian based, company focused on the identification and investment in the cannabis industry with the purpose of helping companies to grow to create a fully vertically integrated entity controlling the supply chain. Co-founded and managed by young entrepreneurs well connected in the European business sector, aiming to revolutionise the cannabis market.

The new name - Big Natures - voted by majority by the shareholders aims to emphasize the wide-ranging business objectives around changing the way CBD is perceived by the masses and delivered to the consumers in the most beneficial way possible. 
 As a young and highly motivated company, we are committed to delivering breakthrough products and services that will enhance and innovate the market up to a great extend. 

Prepare for the trip you guys, a BIG change is upon us.

We hope you will enjoy the ride with us!


Your BIG team.


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