Alaskan Ice - 250mg-2000mg

Alaskan Ice - 250mg-2000mg


You might need a jacket for this one! Icy cool and surging with brisk mint, Alaskan Ice offers a blast of CBD-infused refreshment and will leave you feeling invigorated. Chill out!

You work hard; you deserve to be refreshed and energized every morning before you start planning for the stressful tasks of the day. Our Alaskan Ice Tincture does just that by combining the relaxing benefits of hemp-extracted CBD with the cooling effects of mint to put your mind and body at ease.

The evenings provide the perfect opportunity for most to unwind.

While some picture themselves sitting on balconies or porches having a beer, listening to relaxing music as they rock back and forth on their chairs, we have something that can help you do just that – without the insistent hangovers the following morning.

After a long day, our Alaskan Ice CBD tincture can help calm your mind and relax your body as you enjoy all of CBD’s health and wellness benefits.

It Is Delicious – Before you start experiencing the benefits of CBD, you first encounter the taste. Our Alaskan Ice Tincture does not disappoint in this area. The tincture offers a delectable, cool minty surge of flavor, reminiscent of peppermint gum and breath mint using natural flavoring. This helps improve the hemp extract’s earthy taste. The Alaskan Ice Tincture will also leave you with fresh breath throughout the day.

Premium American Hemp – Funky Farms only uses high-quality hemp grown in the USA to produce this product. This ensures it is compliant with the state and federal laws and also the company’s high-quality standards.

Naturally Sourced Ingredients – Alaskan Ice CBD Tincture is made from naturally sourced hemp only. Other ingredients, including flavorings, are also obtained from natural sources.

Lab Tested – Funky Farms submits all its products for independent third-party testing to ensure compliance, safety, potency, and quality of their products. Click on the lab results tab to review the lab reports for the Alaskan Ice Tincture.

Full-Spectrum -  The tincture is made using full-spectrum hemp extracts, which means you also benefit from other cannabinoids and hemp compounds such as terpenes.

The Alaskan Ice Tincture is available in 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg CBD potencies. There is a strength option for everyone!

Lab Reports

Funky Farms - CBD Tincture - Alaskan Ice - 1000mg Lab Report