Chocolate Mint Terpene Cartridge  - 350mg

Chocolate Mint Terpene Cartridge - 350mg


The Chocolate Mint 350mg cartridge by Funky Farms is pre-filled with a concentrated blend of full-spectrum CBD extract, MCT oil, and a robust terpene profile providing the aroma and taste.

At 350mg of CBD full spectrum extract in each cartridge, you may mistake this high-quality cart for less potent ones, but that is not the case.

The Chocolate Mint cartridge is well balanced, and with a robust terpene profile and full spectrum hemp extract, it provides intense benefits through the much talked about entourage effect.

Well Balanced Effects – Everything about this cartridge screams balance, from the chocolate to mint hints and aroma when you take your first hit to the effects that follow.

This cartridge is neither too strong nor too light – it’s just the perfect strength. With each 1ml cartridge delivering 350mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, it’s an excellent choice for relaxing, calming, and unwinding after a long day.

This cart is perfect for the evenings and nights if you enjoy the calming and relaxing properties of CBD fully.

The other cannabinoids and compounds in the full spectrum extract help promote the entourage effect leading to well-balanced but more intense relaxation.

The terpenes provide the sweet savor and aroma that sets the mood, relaxing your thoughts, and readying your body for relaxation and other benefits. By calming down your thoughts, this cart may even help you sleep better.

Well-built Cartridge – Funky Farms only uses high-quality ceramic cartridges for its pre-filled vaping products. This is no different.

The Chocolate Mint 1ml cart comes in a high-quality cart designed to provide the smoothest vaping experience possible. The ceramic heating coil ensures the oil is heated evenly, always providing smooth vapor in each hit and preventing burning.

This wick-less design also allows the concentrate to be heated at all times when vaping, producing consistent quality vapor, and preserving your battery.

510 Compatible

 – The Funky Farms Chocolate Mint cart utilizes the 510 thread design, making it compatible with most batteries available in the market. You don’t need a new battery, just screw it on the one you have, turn it on, and vape away.

Lab Reports

Funky Farms - CBD Terpene Cartridge - Chocolate Mint - 350mg Lab Report

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