Gel Caps - 750mg-1500mg

Gel Caps - 750mg-1500mg


Our conveniently dosed full spectrum hemp extract capsules are high-potency for increased vitality and therapeutic effectiveness. 30 Capsules per bottle (25mg or 50mg per capsule).

Funky Farms CBD Capsules are available in two strengths that you can choose depending on the level of your needs. They are available in 750mg and 1500mg potencies.

Each bottle comes with 30 capsules. The 750mg bottle contains 30 soft gel capsules, each delivering a moderate dose of 25mg. The more potent 1500mg bottle also has 30 caps, each capsule containing 50mg.

With different potencies, they can be used at any time of the day for various reasons, including relaxing or supplementing your health and wellness routines. 

Using caps has significant advantages, including discreetness, effectiveness, and ease of use because they are pre-dosed and convenient.

Convenience – It doesn’t get more convenient than this. Since CBD soft gels resemble other medical and supplement capsules, they can be used anywhere – at the workplace, public transport, etc.

If you would like to take your daily CBD dose discreetly, this is the product for you.

You don’t have to vape or hold a tincture in your mouth. All you have to do is pop one soft gel, drink water, and you are good for the day.

The soft gel caps, unlike regular capsules, are designed to be flexible and, therefore, more comfortable to swallow.

Optimum Bioavailability – The soft gels are formulated to be absorbed into the bloodstream as fast and efficiently as possible. Using carriers such as MCT coconut oil, Funky Farm’s CBD soft gel caps are absorbed quickly and more efficiently into the bloodstream.

You can experience more relaxation and other benefits as a result.

Easy To Dose – Our capsules are accurately pre-dosed. All you need to do is figure out your daily dosage. The 750mg capsules contain 25mg each, and the 1500mg contains 50mg each.

The recommended dosage is one capsule once or twice a day.


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