Gelato Terpene Cartridge - 350mg

Gelato Terpene Cartridge - 350mg


The Gelato 350mg cartridge contains 1ml of concentrate, delivering a potent dose of 350mg active cannabinoids. The concentrate is infused with terpenes obtained from natural sources to give it a delightful aroma and more health and wellness benefits.

Funky Farms Gelato vape cartridge is known for its delicious fruity dessert-like aroma that the terpenes bring to this delectable vape cart.

High-quality Cartridge – The vaping experience is shaped by more than what is contained in the cartridge tank. What the cartridge is made of and how its heating mechanism works are some of the major factors that determine the smoothness and quality of the vapor.

This Funky Farms Gelato vape cartridge uses a wickless ceramic design to provide a smooth vaping experience you will find nowhere else.

Ceramic coils heat the concentrate evenly, producing a consistent, smooth vapor each time you take a hit.

Unlike wick cartridges, ceramic coils do not burn the concentrate. The ceramic design also retains heat, prolonging your battery life.

Terpene Infused Concentrate – The Full-spectrum hemp extract is infused with terpenes to enhance the overall effects and the vaping experience.

These terpenes give the vape cartridge its delicious fruity dessert-like hints with herbal notes and provide additional benefits.

Terpenes have their wellness benefits. When used together with cannabinoids, they promote the entourage effect and increase the effectiveness of CBD.

510 Battery Compatible – This Funky Farms Gelato 350mg vape cartridge uses the universal 510 threading connectors.

It is compatible with all batteries that use the 510 threading. All you have to do is screw them together, turn it on and enjoy your deliciously Funky vape cartridge.

Lab Reports

Funky Farms - CBD Terpene Cartridge - Gelato - 350mg Lab Report

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