Orange Dream - 250mg-2000mg

Orange Dream - 250mg-2000mg


Consider, if you will, the orange creamsicle – that famed, distinct combination of citrus and vanilla meeting in a nostalgic explosion of flavor. Now add the highest quality full spectrum CBD extract, and you’ve got our Orange Dream. It’s one of a kind! 

The Orange Dream Tincture delivers all the benefits associated with the hemp-derived CBD, and like the popsicle it is named after, it has a subtle sweetness of oranges with hints of cream that will awaken your taste buds.

Think of the orange creamsicle – how the citrus combined with vanilla meet in a mouth-watering explosion of flavor. Now add the industry’s most refined full-spectrum hemp extract. Hard to resist, right?

That is what the Orange Dream Tincture is about.

Terpene Infused – This Funky Farms tincture is rich in terpenes. These terpenes give our tincture a creamy, citrusy flavor and energizing effects.

Terpenes also provide their own unique health and wellness benefits, and when taken together with cannabinoids, they contribute to the entourage effect, providing even more benefits.

Natural Flavors – The Orange Dream tincture contains no artificial flavors. Funky Farms derives its full flavor from the robust terpene profile.

Using natural ingredients, Funky Farms can create a non-toxic tincture that provides benefits from plant-based solutions rather than artificial ingredients that may be harmful in the long run.

Third-party Lab Tested – The Funky Farms Orange Dream Tincture, like all our products, is tested by an independent third-party laboratory to ensure it is safe for human consumption and is consistent with our high-quality standards.

The tincture is tested for the presence of farm chemicals such as pesticides, microbial, toxins, solvent residue, heavy metals, compliance to the federal 0.3% legal THC limit for hemp, and CBD potency.

You can view the results on the lab reports website section.

How To Use

Shake the bottle well before administration. Open the bottle and use the dropper on the cap to apply a few drops of the tincture under your tongue. Hold for up to a minute and swallow and wait for results.

Lab Reports

Funky Farms - CBD Tincture - Orange Dream - 1000mg Lab Report