Patch - 60mg

Patch - 60mg


Our skin has three layers, so for CBD to be adequately absorbed, we need products that penetrate all of them! The tropical aroma will take you back to your last relaxing summer vacation. Who doesn’t want that?

With 60mg of high-quality CBD per patch, it’s small and can easily be placed on areas of the skin that are not visible while you’re out and about. Additionally, you can cut the patch in two if you would rather have two servings with lower CBD concentration. Sometimes all you need is half; let’s keep our largest organ happy!

This patch is sweat and water resistant, so go get that gym session! No need to organize your life around this patch. Available individually or in a pack of three. It is active for 24 hours and steadily releases its contents into your skin! Select CBD also has third-party testers for each product batch that the customer can view online for verification purposes.

Lab Reports

Select CBD - CBD Topical - Patch - 60mg Lab Report
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