Soothe + Restore CBD Salve

Soothe + Restore CBD Salve


dealing with dry, flaky, itchy skin? try our soothe + restore cbd salve to find the relief you’ve been looking for. whenever your skin becomes irritatingly painful or starts to crack, try massaging this salve in affected areas to not only soothe those common irritations, but to also restore and replenish the skin back to its soft and supple health.

cbd extract: 10 mg per 1/4 tsp

300 mg total

maincandelilla wax, coconut oil, olive oil, neem oil, shea butter, vitamin-e

herbs burdock root, calendula flowers, cannabis hemp, dandelion root, nettle leaf, rooibos leaf

essential oils bergamot*, eucalyptus, german chamomile, frankincense, lavender, peppermint, rose geranium, tea tree, thyme.

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